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President’s Message

Ms. Grace Cho


Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association

Welcome to the HKOMA Annual Directory (ISSUE 2024). This is our thirty-three annual report and also my seventh foreword to this directory as the president of the Association. I am grateful to take this opportunity to share my view with you about the condition of Hong Kong eyewear industry and the prospect of its development.

Over the past half century, the development of the Hong Kong optical industry has been encouraging. The reputation of Hong Kong as a dominant player in the global arena of eyewear industries has been widely recognized. Our Association has also strengthened its position as a leading industrial organization in the international eyewear sector since establishment for 41 years. This widespread recognition was built on the solid foundation laid by the former executive committee members of HKOMA. I want to express my sincere gratitude to them.

In my term of the coming 2 years, with a vision to foster the efficiency and competitiveness of the industry, I will continue the effort of the Association in further promoting unity amongst members, encouraging design and technological capability upgrades, for adding values to our products and services.

The international business environment has just emerged from the haze of the epidemic, but it is now facing severe challenges from the external environment. Supply chain disruption, persistent inflation, adverse geopolitical situation and weakening traditional markets, etc. have put export manufacturing under pressure. In 2022, Hong Kong’s total exports of spectacles, lenses and frames decreased by 3% year-on-year to HK$19.1 billion. Sales to the EU and the US, Hong Kong’s two largest markets which together account for more than 50% of the total, dropped by 2% and 18% respectively.

Looking ahead, we must be optimistic and believe that the demand for eyewear products in the world market remains huge, and the export of the eyewear industry is full of opportunities; HKOMA will continue to closely communicate with relevant departments of the Hong Kong SAR government, universities and colleges, and the institutions of the eyewear industry in mainland and overseas for further improving the business environment of the industry.

Wish you every success in the years to come.