2022 – 2023 TSF Funding Project

Project Title

Promote the advantage of Hong Kong eyewear industry in the adoption of 3D technology in eyewear design and production

Project Objectives

-To promote the capabilities of Hong Kong eyewear manufacturers in adopting innovative 3D technologies in design and production to buyers in the European market through participation in exhibitions and setting up a virtual platform

Project Deliverables:

1. "Hong Kong Design - Innovative Eyewear with 3D technologies" Exhibitions Promotion

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Other enquries: Linda Poon - 23326505, hkoma@netvigator.com

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3. "Virutal Impact - Hong Kong Eyewear 3D Desgin" VR/AR Online Showcase Platform

Due to the pandemic, striving to stay competitive in the market becomes the first priority for any eyewear manufacturers. Different companies started to promote and sell eyewear via online, digital and virtual channels with the adoption of 3D technologies.

The online showcase platform can provide the product orientation virtually, which is able to to view and interact with the 3D eyewear models by exploring, rotating, changing textures and colors, which brings out the concept of prototyping, but in a virtual way.

It will be a great advantage to show off in global stage that Hong Kong eyewear industry is leading in the adoption of 3D technologies.

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