2009 – 2011 PSDAS Funding Project

Project Title

Increase Industry’s Knowledge in Eyewear Material & Material Safety Regulations


With the rising global awareness on product safety, Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association and Hong Kong Productivity Council are working for a project named as “Improve the professional knowledge of the local eyewear designers and engineers through the development of a novel material guidebook”, which is  funded by Professional Services Development Assistance Scheme (PSDAS) of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The project includes the publication of an eyewear materials safety reference guidebook, visit to testing laboratory and a series of symposium ad workshops, aiming at offering eyewear manufacturers with opportunities to have a grasp of the novel eyewear materials and export regulations, so as to enhance the international competitiveness.

Dissemination of project result

As a conclusion to this project, all the information gathered on the materials safety regulations was included in the “Reference Guide to Material Safety Regulations for Eyewear Industry”. The publication focuses on the detailed explanation of export regulations of REACH and CPSIA and also some points to note for eyewear manufacturers including the templates of the dossiers. It can be regarded as guidance to eyewear manufacturers to prepare for REACH registration to ensure eyewear products can reach the regulatory standards hopefully. With the mentioned activities and publication, we hope that the professionalism of Hong Kong eyewear manufacturing industry can be upgraded to the international level so as to strengthen the leading position of Hong Kong eyewear industry.