Other Funding or Research Projects

ITF Funding Project (2005 – 2007)

Title : Develop Novel Spectacle Frame Materials Joining Technology

Summary : Material joining technique is an important part in the of spectacle frame production process. To further improve the design and quality of spectacle frame, the Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association raises the idea on this project. With funding support of Innovation and Technology Fund from Innovation and Technology Commission in 2006, “Handbook of Spectacle Frame Material Joining” is published by HKPC referring with experience, research and database in material joining technique. The manual is systematically list the materials characteristics, chemical, joining methods and analyze the pros and cons of the different way of joining techniques. The publication promotes the creativity of optical producers, and strengthens the competitiveness of local manufacturers.

SDF Funding Project (2003 – 2005)

Title : Develop Interactive Virtual 3D Eyewear Marketing System (e-Portal)

Summary : Funded by SME Development Fund of the Trade and Industry Department of Hong Kong SAR Government, HKOMA & HKPC jointly developed the Interactive Virtual 3D Eyewear Marketing System. The system enables local eyewear manufacturers to upload their 3D eyewear models onto the online e-Marketing portal where the buyers can select and view the 3D virtual products directly on the internet.

ITF Funding Project (2001 – 2003)

Title : Develop EyeWare - 3D Parametric Feature Based Spectacle Design System

Summary : With support of the Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR Government and the eyewear industry, HKPC developed an user friendly 3D spectacle frame design system- EyeWare in 2002. The system is user-friendly and compatible with popular 3D design platforms: Unigraphics (UG) and SolidWorks.

Research Project (2000 – 2004)

Title : Rapid Prototyping Technology for Eyewear Industry

Summary : By using advanced rapid prototyping technology, eyewear prototype can be made rapidly from a 3D computer model in a few hours. Plastic materials such as resin, PC and ABS are the main materials of technology. The prototype can be used in product verification and testing, which significantly shorten the time of product development.

TID Funding Project (1997 – 2000)

Title : ISO9000 Quality Improvement Programme for Eyewear Industry and Testing Equipment Support

Summary : In 1997, HKOMA and HKPC successfully applied for the funding of the Trade and Industry Department. The project titled “Development of ISO9000 quality improvement programme for Hong Kong spectacle frame industry”. The project objective was to assist the Hong Kong spectacle frame manufacturers to improve their quality management system and their company operation in order to achieve the certification of ISO9000 standard. It was a plan for a year and divided into six stages. (1) Investigate the present quality management system and operation practice of local spectacle frame manufacturers. (2) Identify a list of major processes commonly adopted in the industry and conduct a technology search for good practice. (3) Develop detailed working instructions or guidelines. (4) Develop a generic quality manual and a set of generic company operation procedures. (5) Trial implementation of the developed quality management system and operation practice. (6) Conduct training seminars to assist the companies in the industry to adopt the deliverables of the project.

Moreover, exported spectacle frames produced by local manufacturers have to meet product safety testing standards imposed by various countries. To support the industry, HKPC provides spectacle frame testing services which include Bridge Deformation Test, Lens Retention Test, Endurance Test, EN 14027 Simulation of Wear Before Nickel Release Testing & ISO 12870 Testing etc.

TID Funding Project (1997 – 1999)

Title : Develop Titanium Surface Treatment Technology for the Spectacle Frame Manufacturing

Summary : Titanium is an ideal material for making jewelry because it is both light and chemically stable. But the technology of titanium coating was dominated by the Japanese. In order to improve the competitiveness of the Hong Kong optical manufacturers, Hong Kong Productivity Council proposed to develop titanium coating technology for the eyewear industry and was strongly supported by HKOMA and the Industrial Support Fund of the Trade and Industry Department. The project has identified applicable titanium surface treatment procedures and proposed the methodology to prevent surface oxidation of titanium alloy formation. The entire project was successfully completed in 1999.

TID Funding Project (1996 – 1998)

Title : Develop Full-Scale Human Head Samples and Database for Eyewear Design

Summary : With the support from Hong Kong SAR Government, HKPC introduced six full-scale human head samples based on the parameters generated from human facial data of 3 different races collected. The six models are representing the face structure of male & female of Americans, Asians & Europeans. The 3D models are handmade with glass fabric material. They are aimed to use as reference in eyewear design to ensure designs of eyewear product can fit the particular market.