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About Designer Club

The Hong Kong Eyewear Designer Club was established after a resolution made by the Executive Committee meeting of Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association (HKOMA) in September 2016. The objectives of the Club are to provide a networking platform for those who are interested in eyewear product design for sharing common ideas, and to work close together for enhancing the design strengths of the global competitiveness of the industry.

Vision of the Club

(i) To unite and strength the contact of eyewear designers.

(ii) To provide information on design concepts and eyewear design.

(iii) To nurture the growth of designers.

Target Members of the Club

(i) Designers of fashionable products no matter in the eyewear field or other industry;

(ii) Winners of spectacles design competitions;

(iii) Graduates of the design department of local universities and design colleges.

Membership Registration Fee and Annual Membership Donation

Registration fee of the Membership is HK$3,000 and the Annual Membership Donation is HK$500. In the first year of the establishment (now until December 31, 2017), those who successfully apply for membership will be exempted from both the registration fee and the membership donation of 2017.